Our Philosophy

Greatness At Every Level

We believe that you can look great, have a great time, and develop great skills at every stage of learning how to dance!

We believe dancing can change lives. With over 35 years of combined experience in the dance industry, our lives have been impacted positively in both our own personal dancing and by watching how learning to dance has enriched our students’ lives. Dancing has given us the opportunity to enjoy a career we love, be creative on a daily basis, and to stay healthy and active. We had a desire to share our gifts for the benefit of helping people improve their lives through dance, and started the club with a dream of creating an environment where a strong community and great dancing meet.

Why dancing is one of the best investments you can make

Dance teaches you how to train and have control over your body, how to focus your mind, how to partner someone and how to expand your own limits. Besides the physical advantages dancing helps to build confidence, to strengthen relationships and provides a place to meet great people and add more fun to your life! By choosing to dance you open a world of opportunity that leads to a richer and more fulfilling social, physical and emotional life!

How we help you understand dance and break through the challenges

With so much information available now it can be overwhelming and frustrating without a clear plan of action. With a well-defined plan, quality instruction and experience, anyone can learn how to dance. We help you achieve your goals through a step-by-step process while experiencing personal satisfaction at your own pace! There is no better time than now to begin!

How we help you achieve your goals

We value your input and believe in collaborating with you… In our experience, our program works best when we share a 50/50 partnership between student and coach. We will encourage you to set goals; stay focused, while most importantly having fun. After discussing your ideas and listening to the goals you have set, together we develop the best plan to assist you in achieving them. We provide you with the highest quality of instruction and a positive atmosphere for you to learn.

By your commitment to the program, sharing your goals, being positive and consistent, you will achieve your desired result.

Our responsibility and commitment to you:

  • Exceptional care and high quality instruction
  • Define a plan of action
  • Provide a positive and enjoyable learning atmosphere

A personalized plan that works for you

At Victory Dance Club, we dedicate the time to figure out where you want to go with your dancing, and we work hard to create a personalized plan where you can not only feel, but see the results. Although, learning takes work and commitment on your part, we guarantee that we are a results orientated club.

We have what you need!

Whether your interest is in social dancing, dancesport or becoming a teacher, we know what it takes to achieve these results and encourage you to join our club and begin to experience a more satisfying life and life style.

We look forward to dancing with you soon!


Whether your interest is in social dancing, dancesport or becoming a teacher we know the needs of each area very well and want to welcome you to our club.

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