Wedding Program

We invite you to create your dream wedding dance…


A Beautiful Memory

Your wedding day is a special celebration of the commitment you are making. It is an unforgettable moment in time where everyone comes together to revel in your love for one another. Learning to dance is the perfect way to spend time together and have fun amidst the busyness that comes with wedding preparation. Not only will you have a wedding first dance that will entertain your guests, but you and your partner will create a beautiful memory that extends long after.

Creating your wedding dance…

You don’t need previous dance experience for us to create a memorable wedding dance for you! 

Every wedding dance is a special representation of the couple and a fun process to create. From the type of music chosen, to the style of dance, we can help make your vision become reality.

Whatever your desire is; we can help you create something memorable! From a traditional wedding dance to a full choreographed show piece our promise is to guide you through the process so your experience is not only enjoyable but an amazing success for you and your partner to remember for years to come.

Wedding Choreography Programs and Packages

We customize the program for your specific requests!

Every wedding and every couple is unique! We have had the privilege of helping to create some wonderful moments for couples and their wedding parties in Vancouver. Our programs are tailored to meet the aspirations you envision for your wedding day, and depending on the intricacy of the dance, this can take as little as 4 lessons to prepare.

Additional Dance Possibilities

  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Bridal Party dance
  • Bridal Party Group lessons

Let’s get started on creating your dream dance. Contact us today for your Complimentary Session!